Off Grid - a lifestyle choice and independence |
Oddi ar y Grid - dewis ffordd o fyw ac annibyniaeth

Richard Ellis worked with PV systems / GB Gol on the prestigious Skomer Island nature reserve upgrade where we installed 2 X 8KWP Solar PV Wind and Solar Thermal systems together with large scale battery banks to ensure a complete off grid system was achieved and having the ability to maintain the essential services during the winter unoccupied months.

This recent example was an upgrade on 1 KWP system installed at log cabin.

Solar garden fountain.

If there is a requirement for power which is situated far from a a localised power source then off grid is a serious alternative with an ethical aspect. Off Grid is ideal for remote locations, stables, allotments and also new bespoke designed houses where the dream of complete off grid living is achievable.

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