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One of our 48 volt custom built Victron off grid systems

Hot Tub energy bill too high?  Sell your kidneys or work the streets NO! We Have the Answer! What about a Grid Tied Bi-Facial Solar PV Garden Pergola to cushion the energy bill during the sunnier days! Bi facial solar panels are amazing! I (Richie Ellis)  constructed this during the 2020 lockdown season. I monitored the bi facial gain (in the business we call it the albedo effect!) it receives the bounced/ reflected light from my decking below (white washed and not green washed!) The uplift in power output was between 8 - 10 %! Ok I admit, I got Geeked up on it and spent 3 months monitoring the output 5 times per day ( well look, I had nothing else going on right!) I shared the info to a local university in 2021 where the was a small group of students looking into the latest PV module efficiency factors. 


If there is a requirement for power which is situated far from a a localised power source then off grid is a serious alternative with an ethical aspect. Off Grid is ideal for remote locations, stables, allotments and also new bespoke designed houses where the dream of complete off grid living is achievable.

This recent example was an upgrade from a 280w to a 1kw off grid system (No its not the creepy cottage in the dark dark wood at the end of the dark dark trail!) This system provides power to feed bore pump and household appliances for at least 10 months of the year. A generator is coupled up to provide power on the shortest days

Off grid living in 2023! 1.5KWP (48V Victron system) installed for a keen green gardener in the Rhondda Valley who's not so keen on paying his traditional energy suppliers standing charges!