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Adding BESS Storage to Grid Connected PV Systems

A large portion of the energy generated by a typical PV system will be exported to the grid and there is increasing demand for solutions to enable better use of this energy using energy (BESS) storage.

Adding battery storage enables this excess generation to be stored for use later when consumption is higher than generation. As electricity prices rise this sort of battery storage system will become more and more cost effective. Some systems can also provide backup power in the event of grid failure.

We offer several Energy Storage Solutions to suit different budgets and requirements.

a) DC Coupled Energy Storage

  • Here the battery is connected on the PV side of the solar inverter.
  • A high voltage battery (to match PV voltage) is used to store the energy when it’s generated for when it’s needed.
  • There is some (slight) reduction in the PV feed in tariff due to energy used in battery charge/discharge process.
  • No requirement to inform the DNO about changes to the system connected to the grid.
  • Not possible to charge the battery from cheap rate electricity.
  • Usually, no operation in the event of a power cut.

b) AC Coupled Energy Storage

  • Here the battery is connected on the AC side of the solar inverter.
  • An additional battery inverter/charger is required to convert battery power to 230 Vac and vice versa.
  • There is no effect on the PV feed in tariff.
  • DNO approval needs to be obtained.
  • Possible to charge the battery from cheap rate electricity.
  • Back-up may be possible with additional switchgear.

AC Coupled Energy Storage with Back-up

  • Allows operation in event of a power cut.
  • Extra protection relays are required to enable AC loads to be run either from grid or from the battery and to provide a new neutral earth connection.
  • These can be included in inverter/charger.
  • Requires DNO approval.

Battery Energy Storage (BESS)

More information on energy storage

The government have announced from 1st February 2024 that battery energy storage systems are VAT now free. Solar PV systems have been vat free since 2022. Its a good time to invest and help cushion your energy bills and help in the fight to de carbonise.   Call today to request a quote on 07983 379190 e mail or fill in the contact form within the contact us section.

Grants availible for RCT residents towards the cost of solar installation

Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for Homes and Business

We have been installer's and specialist engineers within  photovoltaic solar since 2005 and were one of the first MCS registered installers during the initial launch of the feed in tariff in 2009.

We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge with over 18 years of experience  of working with domestic customers, farmers , local councils, small businesses and health authorities. Plus we have played a key part in the roll out of the UK's vast number of large scale solar farms ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and operation.

Our values are based on quality engineering and service.  We offer bespoke and specialist systems from multiple manufacturers. We always say choose wisely and don't opt for the cheapest. Background, quality, longevity end ethical material resourcing are essential in choosing the correct solar modules, Inverters, Battery storage and balance of components that make up a solar PV and storage system.   Customer testimonials are available upon request. Our repeat business comes from recommendations and word of mouth.

In some instances we chose trusted subcontractors to whom we have worked with for many years for supplying access scaffold and  specific specialised roofing requirements where specific skills are required for example  in working with Welsh slate clay tiles and leadwork.